Monday, September 12, 2016

Get smart by being stupid

Do you know why programming is the best job ever? From the thousands and thousands of possible jobs out there, programming is the most awesome one. Why? Simple. Because it is the only job when you feel smart when you are stupid.

Have you ever written a simple code that was so simple that any kid could have written it and yet that was not working? No amount of swearing punches to the table or to the keyboard made it work.

And after hours and hours of investigating you found a comma or a bracket missing. What did you do at that moment? Honestly?!?

First, you felt like the king of the world! The smartest programmer on the planet to have done the stupidity in the first place but then being so smart that you were able to fix it. Didn't you also tell everybody about it? 'Look how stupid I was but the how smart I am for having found a solution to it.'

Does it sound familiar?

What does this have to do with Coding in style? Well, awesome code lives on a foundation of many stupid mistakes and especially of the pain you went through fixing them!

That’s it for today!